Earthquakes are a real and present risk in New Zealand. Being prepared is much better than dealing with the consequences. Seismic strengthening adds stability and resilience to an existing structure, to preserve its viability in an earthquake-prone country. We help ensure you get an effective and economical outcome.

Legislation and building standards have changed since the Canterbury earthquakes in 2010/11, as have the expectations of building occupants and insurers.

RCS Construction offers a specialist service to strengthen earthquake-prone buildings and structures. We work with you to maintain the value of your asset and the welfare of the occupants.


RCS Construction installed structural strengthening and slab support channel systems beneath 24 apartments, this work had to be done inside the high ceiling voids of the shops below while they kept their business running so involved out of hours work, removal and reinstatement of passive fire and ventilation systems while keeping the fire safety systems in place throughout the work. One of the shops was a 24-hour bakery and another was a flight simulator.