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Many commercial buildings around New Zealand are putting lives and property at risk because they don’t comply with fire safety standards. Passive fire protection refers to the use of construction elements within a building that are designed to delay and prevent the spread of fire and smoke to different parts of the building. Retrospective applications can be challenging and require careful planning to ensure the task is carried out once to avoid delays to the project.
RCS Construction works with clients, consultants, fire engineers, and council to carry out the required work to ensure buildings are fully compliant, to protect life, safeguard the building structure, protect assets and maintain building serviceability.

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On this project we had to replace all the wall linings on 32, 3 storied apartments, to do this we had to remove and replace all the stairwells and scaffold up to the underside of the roof, kitchens on the mid-level and bathrooms on levels 1 and 3 needed to be completely removed and replaced. We then installed a full fire rated system to the inter tenancy walls including pipe and cable penetrations.

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