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It is unfortunate that in today's building industry, defects and non-compliance are a fact of life. The number of commercial and residential buildings requiring our specialised services have proliferated over the last two decades. Many homeowners and property investors are finding themselves in need of a company who can manage the whole complicated process of having their building repaired or upgraded.


As the owner and Director of RCS Construction Group, I take pride in not only managing a large and experienced team but also personally staying involved in all projects to ensure work is well co-ordinated, on track and kept within budget.


Specialising in $1m+ projects, we have an industry reputation for our common-sense approach and the ability to find solutions for those challenging projects that others find too complex to tackle. Building remediation and upgrades are what we do – and we do it very well!

Our labour force delivers quality workmanship and accurate time management. We work closely with engineers, architects and any other consultants to diagnose the problem, identify building or design faults or compliance issues, and then have them repaired or upgraded using the most effective solutions. RCS Construction Group can also manage projects in-house from concept to completion. Our priority is not only to restore the value of your property but to make the whole process as uncomplicated and stress-free as possible.

Stuart Goldsworthy, Director

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